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Dear Jodi,

I saw today's article about you in our local paper and am writing to thank you for helping to spark my son's ever evolving passion about music. We attended your Jigglejam classes back in the mid nineties with his friend Hanna, another creative spirit. Clearly the seeds you planted in them took root. I'm glad that you are still out there impacting the next generation of "sprouting souls"
- Margaret Grau, parent of Adam Ornstein


"And that's what it's all about!" Warms my heart on this cold Chicago day!"- Jodi

I have always hoped that I could touch people's lives through my music... I was totally floored when I recently received the following facebook message from a mom who wanted to remain  - Jodi

"My son is almost three and he was nonverbal all the way until his developmental therapist gave us YOUR cd. she suggested children's music for the repetition and he started just dancing at first, then they started telling me that he may be autistic. three days later he was singing along to your voice and my heart was a thousand times lighter. i just wanted you to know that you impacted our lives through your music. i just wanted to say thank you." 

- Krissy

Dear Jodi,
Jodi, our sons Aaron and Jason took wiggleworms with you 1996/1997. At ages 2 & 3 Aaron literally played his guitar and sang EVERY day to your cd. He entertained us daily with your music as well as performed your cd for our guests. As you know he even played with you at his birthday parties. You literally exposed them to music, loved them and encouraged their love of guitar. Aaron just got into Yale in part because of his classical guitar and Jason plans to attend Interlochen for the summer classical guitar program. Thank you for helping to grow them up to love music and making our house a very acoustically beautiful place to live. Keep up the great work with the next generation of Jigglejammers!  -Elaine and Wade

Thanks to a wonderful Wiggleworms Family for the great thumbs up!! Lifelong friendships built through music.... keep the music flowing!!- Jodi



“Let's change the world .... one song at a time” - Jodi Koplin
“So many songs... so little time” - Sandy Lucas 
“Those who wish to sing will always find a song” - Fortune Cookie
“That's what it's all about” - The Hokey Pokey 

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